Electroalfa completed on 3rd of March 2014 the project ‘Modernization of SC Electroalfa CM SRL, in order to increase the competitiveness and to improve the market potential’ , co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, under the financing contract no. 230431/03.08.2012, concluded with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment, as Managing Authority for the Sectoral Operational Programme ” Increasing of Economic Competitiveness”.

The project ran over a period of 19 months, the total amount of the investment being of  4,2 mil eur from which the contribution of Electroalfa is around 2,6 mil eur.

Equipments and latest generation software applications for sheet metalworking were purchased through this project, such as: sheet and pipes laser cutting, pipes and profiles bending, automated deburring, automated sheet bending, powder painting with nano-ceramic pretreatment.

Electroalfa intends to develop its portfolio with mettalic products, to approach new markets and projects and therefore to increase the turnover achieved by this type of products.

“We have retechnologized the factory with new and modern equipments, as a first step in a very ambitious milestone, to be able to create products of extremely high quality, so we convinge more fpreign partners to buy from us/ to make business with us, in this way to create more jobs for highly skilled persons“, said the President of Our Company, Mr. Gheorghe Ciubotaru, at the Conference.