Electroalfa was born with the first forms of democracy in Romania, at the end of the 90s. Based on trust, hard work, commitment, respect and continuous adaptation to the partners’ requests, Electroalfa has become a strong Romanian brand, well recognized on the national market and appreciated on oversees markets due to our products and services in the field of energy, industry, infrastructure and buildings.   

Our passionate team, the advanced management system implemented in our three factories, the Research and Development Centre, the state of the art technologies and the portfolio of complex projects recommend us as an excellent business partner.

Electroalfa is present on the specialized market by means of three business units. The business unit of Electrical Equipment and Steel Fabrication Parts manage the company’s products portfolio. The equipment production uses the production capabilities of the three plants from Botosani, Romania.  The EPC contracting activity, carried out by the EPC Contractor Business Unit, ensures the use of Electroalfa products into complex, turnkey works, which involve the design and the execution of the investment.

“We are a company that bases its business on progress and respect. We hold the necessary experience to meet our customers’ needs. We are driven to invest and evolve through research. We are determined to be actively involved in the community. All these fundamentals make us function as a one stop provider, capable of delivering integrated solutions on both the energy sector and real support to the society to which we belong. We have reached that point of maturity at which a company honours equally its customers, the employees and the society as a whole.”

Gheorghe Ciubotaru,
President of the Board Electroalfa Group

Management System

The Electroalfa Management System (AMIC) is based on Kaizen principles and is implemented at the level of the entire group. This system supports development and improvement at a strategic and operational level and is based on:

> Continuously improved performance, quality and delivery of Electroalfa products and services

> Harmonious and constant development of people and the perpetuation of a strong team spirit

> Efficient management of the permanent improvement of production flows

Our team


Gheorghe Ciubotaru


Manuel Gosav


George Ciubotaru


Constantin Todi


Cezar Rosin



Cornel Pavel

Electrical Equipment
Business Unit Director

George Gasan

Steel Fabricated Parts
Business Unit Director

Cristian Bugheanu

EPC Contractor
Business Unit Director

Gabriela Nechifor

Kaizen Manager

Electrical Equipment Business Unit
Commercial Director

Doru Mindru

Steel Fabricated Parts Business Unit
Commercial Director

Ioan Condurache

EPC Contractor Business Unit
Commercial and Tehnical Director

Dorina Balan

Human Resources Manager

Our history

  1. In 1991, after just one year of democracy in Romania, a Romanian visionary engineer set up the first company of the Electroalfa Group.

  2. In the first year of the company’s existence the serial product – distribution box 1-7 was homologated.

  3. Major investment projects are carried out in the company, with the acquisition of new machines: sheet bending machines, shearing machine, electrostatic field painting installation.

  4. The local development of Electroalfa company led to the set up of the first branch in Bucharest, Romania’s capital. It was the year when we started our own production of metallic constructions for Electroalfa electrical elements.

  5. The quality assurance system according to ISO 9001 was implemented, certified by TUV, CERT and SRAC.

  6. The new administrative headquarters is inaugurated. The range of manufactured products increases (power distribution systems, withdrawable slide-boxes) and we begin export to the Republic of Moldova, Great Britain and Nigeria.

  7. The first medium voltage switchgear of 12, namely 24 kV were certified.

  8. Two more branches are set up in Cluj and Iasi. In the same year, the company develops a new business sector and signs the first contracting works.

  9. Products of Electroalfa’s own design, low voltage distribution panels of he DISMOD family were homologated based on the trial reports issued by national and international specialized labs.

  10. A new product is launched – the compact transformation station in concrete envelope.

  11. The company is organized in a new structure made up of business units: Electrical Equipment,EPC Contractor, Steel Fabricated Parts.

  12. The project of the photovoltaic park from Rediu, Botosani county is finalized.

  13. The Research and Development Center is inaugurated.

  14. The production of the new SCADA PT/PC/PTAb cabinet begins. At the same time, Electroalfa buys the SIVACON S8 license and finalizes the modernization project of the metallic constructions plant.

  15. A new design office is set up in the Republic of Moldova, at Chisinau, and within the Electric Equipment Division new product optimization processes are carried out, such as: monobloc transformation stations, 24kV switchgear with manual or automated operation.

  16. Electroalfa celebrates 25 years of activity and begins the implementation of a new management style based on Kaizen principles.

  17. Electroalfa group of companies exceeds 500 employees and, at the same time, the company’s Mission and Vision until 2022 are defined.

  18. The company’s first large-scale project in a European country is carried out – “Connection and power transformer points for a power storage farm in England”.

  19. The Ironworks Production Facility in Botoșani is expanded and, at the same time, the business operations in West Africa are expanded by opening its own company in Dakar- Senegal.

Research and Development

The Centre for Research and Development is an essential vector for Electroalfa’s economic and technological competitiveness and growth, in view of making innovative prototypes and products of global recognition.


Certifications, authorizations, licenses

A quarter of a century of continuous activity and experience shared with clients all over the world is the most precious certification of Electroalfa Group.

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OHSAS 18001:2007

SR EN ISO 9001:2008

SR EN ISO 14001:2005

OHSAS 18001:2008


Suppliers and strategic partnerships

For a business to thrive and resist in time, the requirements of Electroalfa’s quality system needs top suppliers and solid partnerships.

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Social Responsability

„The dedication to our fellow beings and an authentic love towards truth and life are the strongest points of the change for the better. With the help of Electroalfa’s family and teams, we identify the needs of the community, choose our partners carefully and invest, from a human and financial perspective, for the evolution of society. We run a successful business in Botosani and it is only natural to take care of the city we operate in and the people who surround us.”

Mioara Ciubotaru,

President of the Alfa, Soul and Energy Foundation