Prefabricated electrical substations (E-House)

The E-House concept (Electric Container/Shelter) defines a prefabricated Low Voltage (LV) and/or Medium Voltage (MV) Substation, carried out in compliance with the environmental requirements and the processes of the system it serves, designed and built to shelter and interconnect Panels and electrical equipment in various configurations and sizes.

Electroalfa produces a wide range of Medium Voltage/Low Voltage Shelter types and sizes, both in typical versions, as well as derived models, adapted to the required applications and to the site location. The dimension of the electrical substation (E-House) is in most cases constrained by the transport and handling conditions until the final destination. In compliance with the environmental and site safety conditions, the prefabricated substations could be built and delivered in a modular system, with the components assembled on site and fastened to the foundation by welding or threaded fasteners.

By their mobility and versatility, the prefabricated substations (Containers/Shelters) provide a competitive advantage in terms of logistics and work agenda, preserving the functionality, quality and operational safety of a typical electrical substation, directly built at the place of use.

The prefabricated substations (E-House) are employed in electricity distribution networks of the urban, rural, industrial areas, building sites, mining, oil platforms, agriculture etc. or in case of power plants operating with coal, gas and/or steam and renewable energy power plants.

The AlfaHouse metallic shelters can be executed in two versions with regard to envelope:

  • AlfaHouse Compact – with walls of corrugated steel, continuously welded to the structural frame of the Shelter, covered with sandwich-type thermo-insulating metal panels;
  • AlfaHouse Panel – walls made by sandwich-type thermo-insulating metal panels.

As regards the possibility of assembling several containers, Electroalfa can produce the two types described below:

LF type E-House (LongHouse, False floor)

  • One or two Shelters coupled on the short side, with or without the cable routing technological floor
  • An access door for persons and one for the emergency exit at the substations longer than 12m
  • Demountable panel or double door for equipment installing

Standard sizes of the LF type E-House:

  • Length: 6; 9; 12; 15; 18; 21; 24m
  • Width: 2.5; 3.5m
  • Height: 2.5; 3.2m

The sizes shown as standard are the most commonly used to date, but there is also the possibility of designing and producing any type of size, upon request.

Typical arrangement of the electric panels and related equipment in LF type substation

WF type E-House (WideHouse)

  • One or several Shelters coupled on the longer side, with or without the cable routing technological floor
  • An access door for persons and one for the emergency exit
  • Demountable panel or double door for equipment installing.

Standard sizes of the WF type E-House:

  • Length: 6; 9; 12m
  • Width: 2.5; 3.5m
  • Height: 2.5; 3.2m

Typical arrangement of the electric panels and related equipment in WF type substation

The AlfaHouse prefabricated electrical substations (Containers/Metal Shelters) are composed of:

  • Electrical switchboards for the central control of the motors (MCC)
  • Medium voltage cells (MV-SWG)
  • Low Voltage Distribution Boards AC (LV-DB)
  • Low Voltage Distribution Boards DC, UPC and batteries (BTRY)
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
  • Integrated control and safety system boards (ICSS)
  • Lighting and sockets
  • Fire detection and firefighting (FGS)
  • Ventilation, air-conditioning and pressurisation (HVAC)
  • Equipment wiring

The AlfaHouse prefabricated electrical substations (Containers/Metal Shelters) have the following advantages:

  • The transportation on site of all electrical panels and related equipment from various suppliers all over the world in a single transport
  • Reducing the coordination effort of the companies involved in erecting, commissioning, and testing of the substation equipment by providing a “turnkey” product
  • Short period of time for design and execution
  • Adaptability of the solution to the technical, environmental and safety requirements
  • Flexibility and implicitly the reduced costs in case of changes occurred during the project development period
  • The execution of the equipment settings, functionality tests and corrections required at the integrator’s location by the producers’ specialised staff minimizes the project’s costs and implementation period.
1. Container core – floor, walls, frames, incl. W2.1 X H2.2m removable panel
2. Container roof (L type)
3. Access doors (W1 x H2.2 m)
4. Lifting eye (could be dismounted after site installation)
5. Thermal insulation (sandwich panel)
6. Floor tiles (wood conglomerate core)
7. Power & Control Cabinets (1.2 m coridor clearance)
8. HVAC ducting
9. Normal and emergency lighting
10. Cable Trays for cabinets wiring

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