Steel cutting

The steel cutting capability allows Electroalfa to get the optimal layouts for each order. To minimize the scrap Electroalfa uses dedicated software solutions.

The following machines are used within the in house steel center:


Electroalfa SFPBU uses: 2 hydraulic presses for tubes, 9 eccentric presses in the range  20 and 63 tones force and 1 hydraulic press of  500 tones force.

Laser cutting

The LT Combo Fiber 3000W machine is able to cut various types of steel sheets (structural steel up to 20 mm thick; stainless steel up to 10 mm thick; aluminium up to 10 mm thick; cooper up to 6 mm thick) and specific profiles up to 6000 mm length and 200 kg in weight.

Punch laser combi

The TC6000 machine from Trumpf provides high precision and manufacturing flexibility, optimizing the types of tools needed in production.

The Trumpf Trumatic 1000 fiber with automated loading and unloading system is able to laser cut and punch large sheets up to 3000 x 1500 mm.

CNC Punching

Various machines are available:1 PrimaPower punching and shearing machine, 4 Trumatic punchers and 1 Amada.

CNC press bending

The 9 CNC abkant presses provide precise and reliable bending: Ermaksan Power Bend Pro 135 -30, Gasparini PBS45/1600, Gasparini PBS45/2100, Gasparini PBS85/3000, Trumpf Trumabend V85S, Trumatic Trubend 7050, 2 x Trumatic Trubend 5130, Amada HFE 3I 1003.

CNC automated bending centers

For large series with complex bents we are using 1 panel bender PrimaPower FBe4 .

Polyurethane gasketing

The CNC Rampf gasketing machine pours PU gaskets on 2 axis with high precision and productivity. 

Robot welding

The Carl Cloos welding robot may be fitted with various types of welding sources while its working table is capable of movements on 6 axis for high productivity.

One UR10 cobot from Universal Cobots provides reliable welding on the two welding tables.
We are using 2 automated corner welding machines for the productive welding of enclosures.

Manual welding

Several welding booths prepared for MIG/MAG, WIG/WAG manual welding are available.

We are using one manual laser welding machine of type LWC1500.

Pressure welding

Electroalfa uses machines from reputable manufacturers Tecna, Fronius, Telwin.

Assembly lines

Specialized teams are working on the assembly lines using lean production processes as Kamban and supermarket.


The surface preparation prior to painting is performed on a line fitted with automated process control and variable speed conveyor. The nanoceramic pretreatment applied before painting in an automated mode allows the powder painting of various material types (standard steel, galvanized steel, electrochemical steel, stainless steel, aluminized steel, aluminum) with high corrosion resistance. Electroalfa developed and tested a solution for corrosion resistance up to C4 according ISO12944-2.

On the same line providing the pretreatment process there are fitted an automated painting booth of type cyclotron and a manual booth for small series.

Wet Painting

The line is made of 2 large painting booths while the pre-treatment is made on the line with electrical driven conveyor able to accommodate large size cabinets up to 4200 x 2500 x 1500 ( LxHxA, mm) and  1000 kg. We are applying nano ceramic treatment thus being able to paint various materials: normal steel, aluminum, stainless providing corrosion resistance up to C5 High – ISO12944-2

Electrochemical platings

The ManzGalvanotech line is fitted with partially automated process control and own water treatment line for Zn plating in drums or frames. Large parts may be plated due to the size of the baths installed on the line, i.e. 2100x400x1100 mm.