The Institute Kaizen România (KIRO) held in Botoșani the 38th edition of Kaizen Manager Club session, on “Harmonious Management”; Electroalfa proved to its guests (company managers, top managers in the private and public sector), present in great numbers, that this concept may be successfully implemented.

Kaizen Institute is a global consultancy and training organization, fostering the continuous performance improvement management of the employees and companies operating in Europe, America, Asia-Pacific and Africa. The events organized, such as “Manager Club”, promote the best practices to be applied by companies and create the appropriate framework necessary to address the specific management problems within organizations.

The topic of today’s meeting pointed out how to achieve performance in a stress-free work environment, but the managers’ role in the achievement of the targeted performance was also broached. The debates also included a visit to the Metal Factory, part of Electroalfa Group, where guests from all over the country (managers of several top companies located in Oradea, Cluj, Brașov, Alba-Iulia, București, Iași, Suceava), representatives of several mayor’s offices (Buzău, Cluj), as well as representatives of the most prestigious companies of Botoșani had the opportunity to notice how Kaizen principles support the management teams to reach a higher improvement level, up to creating a balance between people and technology. The recent investments made to extend the production capacity, the latest machinery and equipment, the concern for the working, safety conditions and for the product quality, together with the transparent, performance-oriented management and development of people, determined the visitors to commend the efforts made by the company to achieve performance in the Romanian business environment.