The Steel Fabricated Parts Factory belonging to the Electroalfa Group, is updating its range of products and services, by developing integrated solutions and products, necessary during this pandemic period. The concept, the design and the execution are provided by the Electroalfa team, using our own technologies. The first items manufactured in this range are the visors.

„The first batch of visors was completed and donated as a matter of urgency, at the request of the ISU (The Inspectorate for Emergency Situations) and of the Border Police, in order to help them with a qualitative product, easy to use and tailored to fit the requirements. We wish that all the first-line responders are protected, so the production of visors shall continue for those who need them. Furthermore, COVID-19 has led us to identify integrated solutions and products that could bring extra security to people in their daily activity.” said Gheorghe Ciubotaru, President of the Administrative Board, Electroalfa.

After manufacturing the visors, the disinfection mat trays are ready to be distributed. These are executed in compliance with our clients’ requirements or according to our standards and can be employed both for internal use, as well as for external use, following the orders of the market.

A complex product we currently work on, which is now close to completion, is The disinfection tunnel with an option to automatically measure and monitor the temperature.  We expect to launch this product on the market in mid May, this year.

Given the development of the new products with a focus on the medical sector, on the personal security and health, we have established a partnership with a Romanian company experienced in advanced systems designed for the medical sector. With their help, Electroalfa shall develop integrated systems that would make the work of the medical staff much easier, contributing to a better care of the patients in hospitals, and products such as sterilizing equipment. These systems and products are in various stages of implementation and shall become available as swiftly as possible.

Electroalfa is a strong brand, built in 29 years of experience by a dedicated team, made by people who put energy, passion and their souls into each professional or social project. The Electroalfa specialists are aware that only through ongoing learning, one can deliver valuable products and innovating services. The human force and the advanced technologies are working together in order to offer new high-quality  Electroalfa products which at the same time can be easily adapted to market requirements.