At the beginning of this week, Gheorghe Ciubotaru, President of the Electroalfa Group of Companies, participated as speaker in the ZF Power Summit 2016, an event which gathered representatives of the biggest players in the energy sector. The participants in this event concluded that the national energy sector had a major need for investments, but also for clarifications related to legislation, royalties and renewable energy, aspects also raised by Gheorghe Ciubotaru.

„It is said that the strategy of a country starts from the strategic energy. The Western countries have invested a lot in renewable energy, but in Romania the legislative unpredictability has laid the green energy down”, said Ciubotaru, present at the ZF Power Summit event.

Another long debated topic has been the listing on the stock exchange of the national companies in the energy sector, which prefer, in a significant share, to focus mainly on the business development.

”Electroalfa is thinking about the listing, but only after we become a regional player. Next year is out of question, but maybe, starting from 2018, we will approach this subject. We will decide if the best option is the stock exchange, the financial investor or the strategic investor”, added Gheorghe Ciubotaru at the ZF Power Summit.