Starting with September, Electroalfa will launch a pilot program by means of which the young graduates of professional and high schools from Botosani county can become qualified in a technical profession. The qualification program will take 3 months and will include both theoretical classes and practical sessions in the three Electroalfa production plants. 

Those interested in learning a profession and securing a job in a successful Romanian company can sign up for the two open sessions:

• Group 1- until 31 July 2017

• Group 2- until 31 August 2017

Electroalfa will provide internal qualification on the job, under the guidance of dedicated mentors for the following professions: electrician, locksmith, CNC operator, painter, welder. During the program, the apprentices will enjoy the same benefits as an employee: salary, lunch and vacation.

To be accepted in the program, no previous professional experience is required. The candidates should graduate a minimum of 10 grades and have a clean criminal record. In the selection stage, the candidates’ interest to join our company will be of the essence. CVs and a letter of intention can be submitted to our company’s headquarters (Calea Nationala 15, Botosani) or sent by mail at with the specification: Application for the Apprentice School. 

”Our company constantly invests in people development programs and through this pilot program, as an employer, we want to be involved in the qualification process of future employees. At the end of the program there will be a test and the young who will have the best results can join our team.” Dorina Balan, Human Resources Manager