Electroalfa, one of the main innovation integrators in the energy sector, celebrates, together with company employees, 25 years of continuous activity enriched with bountiful achievements. Anniversary events, especially dedicated to employees, shall take place along the entire year and shall include activities meant to bring gratitude and appreciation for those who, in time, have made a contribution to the development of the company through the energy, professionalism and heart they have put in the company.

Being the first event of its kind, the Electroalfa Open Days welcomed the families – children, parents, grandparents – of employees as guests. The event took place around two days and visits were organized to the Ironworks Company, the Research & Development Center and the Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Units. Guests were welcomed in friendship and with small surprises, carefully prepared for such an occasion. The tour of factories was prefaced by a short company presentation containing a description of the start of the activity, the relevant activity sectors, products and services offered, the Electroalfa team, involvement in the life of the community. Along with attendants, the visitor groups came into contact with colleagues in the administration offices, as well as the ones in the manufacturing departments, where they were able to take a closer look at technologies and the manufacturing process used. Children received souvenirs executed in the manufacturing units and, ultimately, took part in a surprise party.

In order to mark the company’s 25 years of activity, a meeting was organized with all employees at the end of June. The event was accompanied by an outdoor party, with unique moments that managed to pleasantly surprise the entire team.

The history of Electroalfa started back in 1991, in Botosani, when the founder of the company set up the first company in the group manufacturing electrical equipment. Thanks to a dedicated team, Electroalfa constantly progressed with each year, having recorded remarkable results outlining a successful image. Nowadays, three modern factories in Botosani, over 400 professionals, a quarter of a century of experience and a turnover of more than € 30 million make Electroalfa a stable, trustworthy and reliable brand in the domestic energy sector, as well as abroad.

In the forthcoming period, Electroalfa shall continue the long line of anniversary events dedicated to employees, client and agents who proved their reliability and loyalty throughout the years.