A project started in 2018 for which the construction works began in November 2019 is close to completion. The new Medium Voltage Production Factory will become operational on 15 May and, on the 1st of July, it will operate at full capacity.

The built area of the factory exceeds 8000 square meters and will include a production area, as well as an office area.

Through the automated technologies we implement at the Medium Voltage Production Factory, the productivity and quality of medium voltage products will be greatly improved. The new infrastructure will allow an increase in the capacity to manufacture Compact Transformer Substations (CTSs) from approx. 20 pieces per month to approx. 80 CTSs per month. Production capacity will also increase for the Primary Distribution Switchgear (PDS) to 80 pieces per month, and the Secondary Distribution Switchgear (SDS) will reach 230 pieces per month.

A new range of products, E-House, will be offered to Electroalfa’s partners as of 2020. We have invested in equipment and technologies that provide our customers with products at a very high quality standard. Depending on their diversity and complexity, Electroalfa will be able to manufacture approx. 40 containers per month, estimating that most of this quantity will be for export.

Among the new equipment and technology, we can highlight the following:

  1. Semi-automatic casting line for precast elements for concrete CTSs enclosures
  2. Semi-automatic assembly line for Medium Voltage Primary Distribution Switchgear (PDS)
  3. Semi-automatic assembly line for Medium Voltage Secondary Distribution Switchgear (SDS)
  4. Manufacturing line for Metal Shelters (cutting/welding/sandblasting/painting equipment)

The works for the new investment are performed at an extensive scale during this period, and the total investment will eventually exceed EUR 8.4 million.